Simply click the ‘Book Online’ button and follow the prompts to book a Telehealth appointment. Alternatively, you can contact us via phone or the contact enquiry form to arrange an appointment.

Instructions on how to set up a skype account and ensure you are ready for your appointment are provided at the bottom of this page.

We are now offering telehealth physio consultations for those people unable to attend the clinic in light of the coronavirus situation.

The concept of an online physio consultation may seem a little different at first. But there is still so much we can offer over a video or phone call to help fix your injury. In recent years research has affirmed the role of specific therapeutic exercises in the treatment of most musculoskeletal injuries and this has now become the cornerstone of many of our sessions. The good news is that we can still prescribe these exercises online! At Rebound Physiotherapy we have developed a database of thousands of exercises ready to prescribe via email directly to you.

In addition to therapeutic exercise, a telehealth appointment can be useful to:

  • Give you tips and tricks for self-massage
  • Interpret your scan results
  • Assess your posture, flexibility and strength
  • Refer for x-rays and other scans
  • Recommend chest physio exercises
  • Provide an ergonomic assessment

Some injuries may be more amenable to treatment via telehealth than others. We believe the following list of injuries are suited to an online consult.

  • Back Pain (Lower and Mid)
  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Heel and Achilles Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • If you are recovering from any orthopaedic operation (Knee replacements, ACL repairs, shoulder operations, Achilles tendon repairs and more)

Set-up Instructions for your appointment

We are able to conduct our appointments via Skype, Facetime or Phone. You will be contacted prior to your appointment to confirm your preferred platform.

1. Skype

To download and create a Skype account for a desktop or laptop computer click the following link:

Alternatively, Skype for mobile and tablets (e.g. iPad) is available to download through the app store.

Once you have signed into Skype you can add your practitioner’s Skype ID to your contact list:

  • Peter Russell: peter_reboundphysio
  • James Hur: james_reboundphysio

A video with instructions on how to add a Skype contact is available here:

Once you have added us, we will call you at the arranged appointment time.

2. Facetime

Facetime is a video call platform by Apple. It is available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

If you haven’t used Facetime previously please ensure it is enabled in your phone settings prior to our appointment.

If you have booked online, we will contact you on the same phone number you provided.


A $50 fee for a standard 30-45min consultation applies. If we find that your injury is not suited to a telehealth consult and we cannot add value to help you we are happy to waive the fee.

Presently telehealth services cannot be claimed through private health.

We will provide you with an invoice by email which can be paid via EFT (internet banking). Shortly we will be able process credit card transactions over the phone.